6 Tips To Find The Right Digital Marketing Agency

Let's face it. Whether you are internet savvy or not, you do realise that marketing your business in 2020 is absolutely unthinkable without taking it online. This has sent you, and many other entrepreneurs in search for someone who can manage your brand's online presence. It may be all too tempting to consider handing this responsibility to your cousin who knows how to blog, is a Facebook wizard and a social media 'influencer', but it's important to consider the following statistics:

  • 61% of all web traffic starts from a search engine.

  • 90% of all internet searches take place on Google.

  • Google’s algorithm takes an estimated 200 ranking factors into account per search for the best results.

  • Google has changed its algorithms some 600 times.

Clearly, managing the complexities of digital marketing is not for amateurs.

Can you afford to make mistakes with your business?

Of course not!

So, here are 6 simple tips to find the perfect Digital Marketing Agency for your business:

Define your budget. This is step numero uno. Before you begin searching for an agency, allocate a budget to your digital marketing kitty. Examine your overall budget and decide what you are comfortable spending. Keep an open mind at this stage, however, because your focus should be on the ROI (Return of Interest) rather that the initial cost.

Size doesn't matter. When it comes to choosing the right Digital Marketing Agency for you, the agency's strength may not necessarily lie in numbers. There are good agencies out there who have both small or large teams. You may also consider freelancers for the job depending on the quality of their work. Just ask for work samples, information about previous projects and try to gauge their passion.

Check what services they offer. The ideal digital marketing agency must check off the list of services YOU need for your business. It's important to check their website (if any) or ask them about the services they offer. If you want a website made, do they also offer SEO (Service Engine Optimization)? If you want them to create social media graphics, are they hands on with Facebook and Instagram advertising? There's no point in running between agencies or freelancers. Trust me. You want to be running a business, not stuck in an agency ping-pong!

Communicate freely. Don't make the initial meetings into a lecture about your own expectations. While that's important, it must be interactive. Allow the team to express their ideas without inhibition. Show interest in their pitch and listen to their ideas. Remember, you know how to run your business, but you are hiring an agency for their expertise in online marketing.

Industry Experience. There is definitely value in finding an agency that has experience in your industry. However, don't let go of an agency with good credentials simply because they do not hold relevant experience. There's always a first time to any experience. You may gauge their willingness to learn about your industry and adapt to it's marketing requirements during your initial interactions. Hint : A well researched sales pitch tailored to your specific industry.

Know your people. This is specific to medium or large size agencies. Often, those making the sales pitch will not be the people handling your account. For example, in larger agencies, there's a chance that your account may be designated to junior team members. Ask to know and preferably meet the person / people who will actually be working for you and check their credentials.

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