How Digital Marketing Can Help You Survive COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic caught us unprepared and has impacted many lives. Not only are people fearing for their safety but also suffering from financial crunches due to job losses. The outbreak has forced many businesses to close, leading to an unprecedented disruption of commerce in most sectors. Retailers and brands face many short-term challenges, such as those related to health and safety, the supply chain, the workforce, cash flow, consumer demand, sales, and marketing. However, successfully navigating these challenges can play a major role in future rehabilitation of lives and livelihoods.

In these trying times, technology has emerged as a saviour for even the most old school businessmen as they realise that it is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

Knowing how to take your business online and reaching the right audiences to generate leads or attract buyers is the 'new normal' - apart from walking around in a mask and washing your hands every 20 minutes!

Undoubtedly, digital marketing is a safe, convenient and budget friendly way of taking your business to the online market where you can potentially reach more customers than otherwise possible.

Here's how a digital twist can save the day for your business:

  • Online Courses - If you're a member of the teaching fraternity, you're probably well aware of online teaching by now. But the reason I mention 'Online Courses' in the COVID-19 business saviour list is because even businesses, big or small, can benefit from launching one. For instance, we helped our clients, who are Ayurveda Practitioners, launch Ayurvedic Nutrition, Cooking, Beauty & Well - Being Courses as they were located in a red zone and could not carry on with their panchakarma treatments. Likewise, a Salon can launch Hair or Skin Care Courses, language instructors can launch lingual learning courses, gym instructors can help people get fit from the comfort of their home etc. The point is to innovate and implement new ideas with help of technology.

  • Video Tutorials - If you don't have the resources to launch a full fledged course, paid video tutorials on your website or social media channels (with a balance in free and paid content) can work wonders if executed properly.

  • E-Commerce - You can register as a buyer on an established e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart etc or you can set up on online shop on your own website and get paid directly with prices you determine for your goods. With the right promotional strategy, you could reach so many potential buyers at a minimal cost. Talk about a budget-friendly business expansion!

  • Online Consultation - Whether you're a doctor, lawyer, decorator or a tarot card reader, COVID - 19 doesn't have to mean the end of your practice! Switch to video consultation, chat with your clients and stay connected via e-mail marketing. Adding a booking facility on your website and connecting video call or chat options can take care of scheduling and payment issues that may arise out of such an arrangement.

  • Webinars - Events are hit badly by the outbreak and the only way to move forward is webinars. You need quality content, content creators or field experts to get people interested in your webinar. A robust promotion plan and effective execution is a must to sell out your webinar tickets.

Need help setting up any of these options for your business? We're here to help! Talk yo us about how we can make a difference to your business. Click here to know more.